Brewery Blog

Hello again. As usual, apologies on the delayed blog post. We’ve had quite a bit going on at the brewery these days and not much time to sit down and write a blog. Just a quick recap of the last few weeks, hopefully in order but probably not because it all kinda runs together.

As you may know, last week was the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and many festivities took place all over the city. Since we weren’t pouring or entering the Fest we spent the last month planning some festivities of our own: 4 beer tappings, an all trombone band, a soul-rock band, a food truck, a food cart, and some massively extended hours (not all on the same day). ┬áThe result: Not as much GABF traffic as we planned for but a great week none the less.

All the beer tappings were a big hit and it looks like we are going to have to brew big batches of the following experiment-ales: Diebolt’s International Ale a/k/a DIA (white IPA), Double D (Dunkelweizen) and Magdalena (Double American Pale Ale). The all trombone band, Too Many Trombones, was amazing; look for them playing the brewhouse again for our Christmas party. Saturday night was our best night ever with the soul-rock band Calder’s Revolvers and a tapping of our Belgian Dubbel. I definitely think Calder’s Revolvers could be our house band, thanks to Andy, Brad, and the crew.

A lot more has happened over the weeks leading up to GABF but I’ve been told I need to shorten my blogs, so I’m just going to leave you with tons of pictures and a huge thanks to all our fans who attended.

A Votre Sante