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February Bottled Lightning Brew: Chocolate Vanilla Biere de Garde

As some of you may know but most of you don’t, we have had a few equipment woes around the brewery lately. I won’t go into detail but it has pushed around our brewing schedules a bit and is my latest and greatest excuse for no blog post last week. With that said, we just finished brewing our February Bottled Lightning Release yesterday, a Chocolate Vanilla Biere de Garde, which gives me some relatively interesting blog fodder.

So a few obvious questions might come to mind. What is the Bottled Lightning Club and what is a Chocolate Vanilla Biere de Garde? Well hopefully most of you know about the bottle club but if you’re new to our brewery or our blog I will have a brief refresher in a bit.

Our Chocolate Vanilla Biere de Garde is an American twist on a Classic French style ale. We brewed this beer special for Valentine’s Day with cocoa nibs in the boil and rum-soaked vanilla beans added to the fermenter which complements the clean, slightly fruity, yeast and malt character, creating a truly unique take on a Biere de Garde. A beer even Barry White can get excited about, (Barry White voice) ” Mmm baby, nothing goes better with vanilla than chocolate.”

As I mentioned, this beer is our February bottle club release, our January release will be a bottle-conditioned version of our winter saison, C’est la Saison. Now this beer is available in the tasting room but it’s our first beer we’ve bottled so it’s still a very special release. Getting back to the bottle club, most of you are probably already familiar with our Bottled Lightning Club but a few things have changed so beer with me on this short recap/update…

The Bottled Lightning Club is our exclusive, premiere, pre-sale, experimental bottle club, only available to a lucky 100. Within this club, for a small one-time fee of $125, each member will receive 12 22oz bombers, one per month for 2014. These bombers will be filled with one-off, experimental, small batch brews exclusive to the club (yeah, yeah you already knew that). In addition to the 12 bombers (and this is new) members will receive a membership card, think Mickey Mouse Club, that entitles the card holder to 10% off all beer and merchandise purchased in the tasting room for the entire 2014 year. We’ve also added a purchase tab on the website (click here) for all you procrastinating holiday gift buyers, so you don’t have to put clothes on and come to the brewery to buy a bottle club membership for that special, beer aficionado in your life.

If you’re tired of me plugging our bottle club just buy a membership and I swear I’ll shut up.

Joyeux Noel and A Votre Sante.