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Lightning in a Bottle…

Lets face it, what gets me really excited about craft beer isn’t the fact that it’s always the same, it’s the fact that it’s different: the atmosphere is different, the attitude, the people, the music, the location, the whole damn philosophy and business plan are different. Don’t get me wrong, I love going back to a brewery and finding a beer I like still on tap tasting as good or better than the last time I had it. But what really gets me excited are seasonals, one-offs, and experimentals: the beers that seek to define or redefine the meaning of beer, the boundary pushers and rule breakers, the beers that throw caution to the wind and the guidelines out the window; that’s what keeps beer alive, craft breweries thriving, and my blood blue and pumping.

But what about consistency, excellence, the pursuit of perfection and replication, you say? Well, the two philosophies can coexist; and in my opinion, if you don’t experiment, innovate, and push boundaries, then you have nothing worth perfecting or replicating. Nature has seasons, is unpredictable, ever changing, growing and evolving, so why should you or your beer stay the same?  That’s probably enough life/beer philosophy for one blog and besides, I need to get to the point.

In the spirit of experimentation, in honor of rule breaking, to the great chagrin of style guidelines, we are proud to present to you… Bottled Lightning: Diebolt’s premiere, inaugural, experimental, presale bottle club! Within this club, for a small annual fee of $125, twelve twenty-two ounce bottles of experiment-ales await you; one per month for a whole calendar year, starting in January 2014. These bottles are one off, small batch, pilot brews, only available to club members. One hundred spots will be made available for the 2014 bottle year, talk about exclusive, so you might want to jump on this. We will be raffling off a free membership this Saturday at our Swanky Seasonal party and another one at Denver Festivus. Official sign up begins this weekend in the tasting room. So join the club.  It’s like catching lightning in a bottle.

A Votre Sante