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Hello, old friends, hello. The blog is back up and running on what looks like a regular basis, or at least more regular than before. Probably the biggest issue with creating a blog is what the hell to blog about.  Sure, beer seems to be the obvious answer as this blog is featured on a brewery site; so maybe beer brewing, process, recipes, drinking techniques, etc. all seem like a no-brainer. Every now and again, though, we will need to use this platform for news, events, and the like.  So if you thought the subject of this post was going to be a blog about blogging… you’re only half right.

I would like to take this time, and the next 3 minutes of your day, to point out a few new additions to the website, Facebook page, and maybe call attention to a certain clipboard that’s floating around the brewery these days. The upper right corner of the website now says “Join our mailing list” with an email bar (click here for link); the Facebook page also has an email sign up on the widget bar to the right of events (click the little button with a 1 and a down arrow or click here for link); and the brewery clip board is, well, a clipboard in the brewery (sorry, can’t link to that one).

The purpose of these email collection areas isn’t to pester you with worthless information, at least we don’t find it worthless, or to sell your email to advertising companies. We are compiling email addresses to start our monthly newsletter. What’s in this monthly newsletter? Well glad you asked. Diebolt’s monthly newsletter will contain brewery happenings, up-coming events, music, beer releases, festivals, and food truck schedules, as well as pictures and recaps from the previous month. It will be the best way to keep up on all the cool stuff we have going on at the brewery and around town.

Now if that’s not enough incentive to join, then how about this?  The first 250 people to sign up for the newsletter will receive one free taster in the brewery. Ah, I have your attention now. You gotta love the power of free beer. Well that’s all for today folks, I’ve been told I’m a little long winded so I’m gonna sign off now. Hope to see all your smiling faces enjoying a free taster very soon.

A Votre Sante.

P.S. These pictures have nothing to do with email sign ups.