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One Year Anniversary: Run-on Sentence Recap.

We’ve come a long way since we opened our doors last summer with only two beers on tap; lots of ups and downs but we are still here, making beer.  Here are just a few of those highs and lows from the last twelve months at Diebolt Brewing Co. – a year in review, if you will, packed into one incredibly exhaustive, ridiculously long, run-on sentence. Beer with me here…

ShakesBEERian play, All Trombone Band, temporary patio, yoga, Battle of the Breweries (winner), trivia, run club, Experiment-Ales, open screen night, ping-pong, ladder ball, corn hole, foos ball, gin barrel, bourbon barrel, tequila barrel oh my, Swanky Seasonal, Bottled Lightning Club, Sunnyside Home Brew, Cerveza de los Muertos, Festivus, Bacon and Beer (Mmmm, Bacon), St. Dominics, Save the Ales, Calder’s Revolvers, Hello Bourbon, various malfunctions, White Lightning (the bunny not the moonshine), Babies and Beer, city inspectors, beer snobs, beer geeks, beer noobs, beer bloggers, food trucks, Sunnyside neighbors, SUNI meetings, recipe replication, self distribution, cease and desist, trademark litigation, employees (cue the ‘wrap it up’ awards music), new friends, new family, and of course, lots and lots and lots of beer.

I’m sure some things were accidentally left out and some things were intentionally left out but that about sums it up.  

A year is a hell of a milestone for any small business and we feel that a one day anniversary party doesn’t quite do it justice; so we decided to have a three day bash or extravaganza (you could even call it a barn burner, but shindig and soiree don’t quite convey the immensity).  We have 2 bands, a corn hole tournament, barrel-aged biergarten and much, much more.  Click HERE to go to our event page and see a day-to-day schedule of events, registration, and to submit an entry for the “Name a Fermentor” contest.  Thanks everyone for your support and we hope to see you at the Anniversary Extravaganza September 19th – 21st.