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Barrel Aged Brett Biere de Mars

Augmenter, French for Rise, is our take on a French style spring beer.  Fermented with a blend of Biere de garden and Saison yeasts, then aged for 2 months in Cabernet barrels with Brett, this orange beauty exhibits notes of citrus, peach, flowers, and hay, and a finishing touch of tartness.

IBU:31 | ABV:6.2%

Perk, Coffee French Saison

Brewed with Huckleberry Roasters Phantom Limb Blend.

Aromas of coffee, slight burnt sugar and toffee with hints of tangerine, sweet citrus and berries. Flavor is quick on the palate, light, crisp and a little roasty, which then moves to a tangy, dry bitterness that is quite persistent and very refreshing. Makes you want to drink more, a lot more. On the border between a saison and a Biere de Garde.


IBU:18 | ABV:4.9%

Wine Not – Invictus Brewing Collaboration (Blaine, MN)

Chardonnay Saison Hybrid

We started with a simple saison grain bill of 80% Pilsner and 20% Flaked Wheat, then hopped the wort with 10 IBU of Calypso hops at Knock Out.  Three days into primary fermentation we added 13 gallons of Chardonnay Must which accounts for 40% of the total fermentable sugar in this beer.


IBU:10 | ABV:10.5%

Seedstock Brewing Collaboration (Denver)

Smoked Rum Raisin Kolsch

Collaboration beer with Seedstock Brewing.  10 pounds of Golden Raisins were smoked on peach wood then soaked in rum, pulverized and added to a base Kolsch beer.  The resulting beer has a gentle and sweet smokiness combined with a subtle rum spice and faint raisin sweetness.

IBU:20 | ABV:4.6%


Barrel Aged Barleywine

Duck and Cover: We’re dropping the big one! Dark fruit, raisins and light cherry notes blast forth followed by a sweeping shockwave of caramelization while the finishing fallout is smooth and dry.

Aged 12 months in second use barrels.

Now available in 22oz Bottles!


C’est la Saison – Chardonnay

Imperial French Saison Aged in Chardonnay Barrels

We started with a 9.5% Imperial French Saison with mostly Pilsner malt, some specialty grains, and Dark Candi Sugar and Dark Candi Syrup; ferment with a French Saison yeast strain; then lay it down to age for over a year in 5 different types of barrels. This years release is Rum, Port, Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Rye Whiskey, all exhibiting very unique and wildly varying flavor profiles on the base beer

Now available in 22oz Bottles!

IBU:25 | ABV:10%

Vladislav – Baby, Don’t Hurt Me

Bourbon Aged Russian Imperial Stout

This smooth hit is climbing the charts with notes of dark fruit, bourbon and espresso that crescendo into a velvety chocolate, vintage port and oaky bourbon beat, then dances to a bittersweet finish.  Vlad-Is-Lav? Baby, we think you’re holding a glass of it.  Aged 6 months in bourbon barrels.

Now available in 22oz Bottles!

IBU:60 | ABV:10.5%


Double IPA

A rare beauty that will steal your heart.  A heavy hand with Simcoe, Cascade, and Columbus hops bring out robust tropical fruit notes while a higher finishing gravity lends a caramelly biscuit malt sweetness before a dry bitterness takes over.

Now available in cans!

IBU: 75 | ABV: 8.2%



Barrel Aged Brett Saison

Fermented with a combination of Belgian Saison and Brettanomyces yeast, then laid down in second use Cabernet Barrels for 12 months, this funky farmhouse favorite is setting the rhythm with notes of pear and apple that drop into a slightly tart back beat while the finish keeps you spinning back for more.

Only Available in 22oz Bottles!

IBU: 30 | ABV: 9%

Colorado Greenback


Light, clean, hoppy, and refreshing. Our sessionable IPA will lure you in with an incredible citrus, floral, piney aroma while the delicate malt profile dances briefly on the palate before moving to a dry, bitter, grapefruit ending. Not too hoppy, not too malty.

IBU: 85 | ABV: 6%

Now available in cans!


Robust Porter

Our signature porter and the flagship of our Standard Series.  A smooth, highly drinkable interpretation of a classic style.  Subtle aroma of light coffee, chocolate and roast with a slightly earthy bitterness and a moderately sweet, creamy flavor that mores to a dry finish.

IBU: 30 | ABV: 5.6%

Now available in cans!

Anton Francois

French Ale

A clean, refreshing French Ale with a light malt and fruity arome, crisp malt saveur that makes its way to a slightly earthy, hop bitterness and bready malt fin.

IBU:25 | ABV:5.5%

Now available in cans!



Named after the best Denver neighborhood with the best neighbors. A crisp, clean, quaffable American wheat with a slightly fruity aroma; soft, bready flavors and a smooth finish.  Unfiltered, yet crystal clear, this beer drinks like a light pilsner.

IBU: 16 | ABV: 4.2%


Pale Ale

The second installment in our standard series pays homage to our Sunnyside neighborhood and the street where our brewery lives. An American pale ale in style, the light floral/piney aromatics and biscuity, caramel aromas mimic the full bodied flavor which finishes with a tangy, grapefruit bitterness.

IBU: 43 | ABV: 6.2%