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It’s the start of a new year and time for a new take on some old beers.  If you frequent Diebolt you may have noticed that over the last few years we have grown our barrel program quite a bit; we’re currently pushing about 30 barrels.  Well, winter is the time when we start to empty most of these barrels and even though you wouldn’t know it by the weather, winter is here. And these beers are ready to come out of hibernation.  Starting on Saturday, January 20th we will be tapping a barrel aged beer every Saturday through March 3rd.  It’s an ambitious undertaking and one that’s sure to stress our already full tap-lines to the max, so you better get to drinking.

As far as production and tapping schedules go, this isn’t the most efficient method for tapping and brewing; I’ll be the first to admit that.  Our burgeoning barrel program isn’t usually this much of a burden nor is it so difficult to manage but here we are, emptying all the barrels virtually at once, which means we should be filling them again all at once too.  This really isn’t much of an issue except we like to get a few uses out of our barrels, throw in some one-off pilot barrel brews, and keep our beer fresh in coolers and shelves.  That means a lot of brewing to refill those barrels as well as re-brewing the staple beers for our barrel program too; this time next year we could be looking at a 50+ barrel program.

What all this means for you, the devoted Diebolt beer connoisseur, is a glut of fantastic barrel aged beers available on draught as well as bottles to satisfy that thirsty cellar and empty fridge of yours.  What all this means for us is adjusting our brewing and release schedule for the second half of 2018 and beyond and thus possibly having a bit of overlap in vintages, etc. For instance… we are releasing Vladislav Imperial Stout on February 3rd 2018 and possibly again towards the end of November 2018 (2018a and 2018b anyone?).

Is any of this really a problem?  Hell No!!! Keep your eyes peeled for these super tasty barrel aged beer releases and also keep your eyes peeled for a really stressed out brewer and some slightly tipsy brewery employees tasting their way through the new lineup.