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Swing on by our small, yet quaint, tasting room and sip on one of our many draft beers while admiring the shiny grandeur of a well-run, family owned and operated, micro-brewery.  Our passion is palpable, our creativity inspiring, and our dedication and hard work is evident in everything we do.

     Get ready to let the good times roll at Diebolt Brewing’s Mardi Gras Party on February 24th!


     Save the Date! It’s time to spice things up with our annual Mardi Gras Crawfish Boil extravaganza! Pre-order your crawfish now before they waltz out the door – you don’t want to miss out on this shell-crackin’, bead-tossin’ celebration!

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Made There:
Sorachi Ace
Drawing both cultural and brewing inspiration from the Country of Japan, Made There is brewed with Pilsner Malt and Rice then single hopped with Sorachi Ace. This distinctive, yet decidedly strange, hop was originally bred for Sapporo corporation and later abandoned due to unpredictable breeding results. Made There Pilsner has a unique flavor and aroma of lemon meringue and cooked lemon, with a complex herbal/slight mint character, and a hint of dill. The rice helps this 5.7% Pilsner finish clean and light.
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Bronze Winner - Vladislav

World Beer Cup 2023

Our very own Vladislav has won a World Beer Cup 2023 Bronze medal  in the Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout category.
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At Diebolt, we like 3 things, Beer, Fun, Beer. What else do you need? 

We continue to deliver consistent and quality beer for you

As a local brew pub in Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood, we like to excite your taste buds with fun, tongue in cheek named, quality brews you’ll enjoy daily. Want a six-pack on your way home? We do that too!


What's Happening at the Brewery

Name That Beer! March 2024

Name That Beer

In France's north, where breezes roam, A brew emerges, calling home. Named for a wind, a melody's sigh, With spice and citrus, it glides on high.

From golden fields, the hops doth rise, Crafted with care, a noble guise. In each sip, a dance of grape, A symphony of flavor, none can escape.

Rindhouse Vol 3. release

New Beer release

Rindhouse 3 is a sexy citrus saison, to keep you chill when things get hot. She's sweet, but watch out for her bite.

We took a switchblade into tangelos and Sumo oranges, and let the juice flood the streets.  Brewed with 12lbs of Sumo Mandarin and Tangelo Peel and 42lbs of juice, fermented with Farmhouse Saison yeast, and hopped with Motueka.


Happy Easter

One day the Easter bunny hopped into Diebolt Brewery, its fluffy ears perked up with curiosity amidst the lively atmosphere.
Patrons welcomed it with smiles and amused whispers, even daring to pet its soft fur as they enjoyed craft brews.
The brewery seemed to brighten with the bunny's presence, adding an extra dose of whimsy to the bustling scene.
Before long, it hopped away, leaving behind a trail of chocolate eggs and cherished memories among the delighted patrons.

Writings & Etchings

The Diebolt team pours their heart out on heavy weight paper with mechanical pencils, what do they say? It’s worth the wait…

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