10 freaking years!!!

We have been through so much in the last ten years it’s hard to remember all the highs and lows. When we opened in 2013 there were only 10 breweries in Denver city limits and now we’re up to 55.

We’ve brewed 100s of different beers, been canning beer for 8 of those years on 3 different canning lines. Had 5 different graphic designers. 8+ cease and desists. 2 world beer cup awards. 1 GABF Silver medal.

Originally began with 60 barrels of fermentation capacity and now we have 212 barrels of capacity.  We produced 74 barrels in 2013 and produced 1200 barrels in 2022 and self distributed every drop of beer we’ve ever made (and have no plans to change that). We’re currently in 200+ liquor stores and 50+ restaurants and bars.

Started with 1 employee and now we have 8 ( well, 9 if you include Aramis). Most of our employees have been with us for multiple years including Sopheak (9 years), Peter our volunteer canner (7 years), Mike Elliott (5 years), Mike Wylde (4 years), Aramis (4 years) Karl (3 years). 

We’ve survived a pandemic and shutdowns, inflation, rent increases, a constantly increasing amount of competition, equipment failures, and everything in between. But damn if we aren’t still hear and not only surviving but thriving; 2023 has been our best year by far.

When we look back, what it all comes down to is the people. It’s our team, past and present. It’s our guests and regulars, also past and present. It’s all the events we’ve hosted. It’s weddings and wakes. It’s our industry and the friends we’ve made. Every one of you have pushed us to be our best, at all times.

I can’t thank everyone personally but if you’ve had an impact on our business, I know you know it. If I could only thank two people it would hands down be Martha Diebolt (original founder, 1st taproom manager, majority investor, worlds greatest Mom) and Dan Diebolt (original founder, majority owner, operator, CEO, CFO, Sales Director, Worlds greatest Dad).

Thanks for always supporting us, putting up with our social media videos, reading this post, and allowing us to follow our dreams.

Here’s to the next 10 years.

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Heather Kleinman

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