Best Summer Beers to Enjoy

Beer is a beverage that can be enjoyed all year long, but it is an especial favorite at summer get-togethers. Sometimes, an ice cold brew with a few friends is all you need to feel relaxed and refreshed. But which beers are the best for soaring temperatures? We’ve compiled a list of the best summer beers and a few suggestions for what to enjoy alongside them. 

Refreshing Beers for Summer

  1. Saison

The saison (“season” from the French) has its roots in Wallonia, the southern region of Belgium. What began as a low-alcohol, thirst quencher for hard working farmers has since gained ground as one of the most drinkable and uniquely customizable craft brews. It is an extremely popular summer beer, and for good reason.

The saison’s lower alcohol content and high carbonation make it supremely refreshing and palatable to even non-beer drinkers. What’s more, the light taste lends itself to all manner of flavor additions that complement its naturally subtle, floral notes. 

While there is room for interpretation in a saison, a good one should meet a few criteria. It should be quite dry and hoppy, overall. Although somewhat more intangible, a good saison should also communicate a sense of whimsy, reminiscent of the rustic Belgian farmhouses where this style was first made. This is most easily accomplished by incorporating elements of the season in which the beer was made (hence the name). 

Diebolt Brewery’s Rindhouse 2 is a must for your summer beer line up. With the juice and peel of Meyer lemon and mandarin orange thrown right into the boil, it is sunshine in a can. Fizzy, citrusy, and cooling, this saison is refined enough to enjoy on its own, but unpretentious enough to pair with any dish. 

Diebolt’s Roundhouse 2 is a refreshing saison made with 

Meyer lemon and mandarin oranges. 

  1. Sours

Refreshingly tart, sours are another top summer beer. These brews get their acidic bite from an unorthodox production method, which intentionally allows outside yeast and bacteria strains into the wort or through the barrels. Some of the most common microbes in sour beers are Pediococcus and Lactobacillus, the same probiotic that imparts a tangy flavor to yogurt. 

In addition to microbes, many brewers also use fruit to heighten the sour flavor of these beers. Some of the most famous of the sours are the framboise and kriek lambics of Belgium, which get their signature taste from raspberries and sour cherries. 

At Diebolt, we also appreciate berries in a sour. Our Charlie Blackberry quick sour undergoes a double fermentation with French saison yeast and lactobacillus. Then we add blackberries. A lot of blackberries. Nearly a pound of blackberry puree per gallon of sour, to be exact. The resulting beer is zippy and bright, with a light purple color thanks to all those berries. 

Diebolt Brewery’s Charlie Blackberry Quick Sour is a tart and refreshing 

summer beer made with lactobacillus and blackberry puree. 

  1. India Pale Ale

Ah, the IPA. It is, perhaps, one of the more polarizing types of beer out there. We’ve heard the word “skunky” used to describe IPAs more often than not. But hear us out: if you strongly feel you dislike IPAs, we strongly feel it is because you haven’t had a good one. 

Sure, IPAs are hoppy. But they shouldn’t be so hoppy they make your eyes water and your tongue feel like you ate a spoonful of dry coffee. When done carefully, an IPA is a symphony of flavors, its bitterness smoothed out by an intricate balance of floral hops and sweet malt. 

For example (another incoming shameless plug), Diebolt’s Colorado Greenback incorporates 3 of the most herbaceous American hops varieties, each with a distinctly floral, citrus, and pine flavor. The resulting taste is like fresh grapefruit tamed with earthy malt. It is an IPA at its finest: clean, refreshing, and easily downed with a burger and fries. 

Diebolt Brewery’s Colorado Greenback Session IPA has a harmonious blend of 

floral and citrus flavors that make it fresh and fragrant, never skunky.

Enjoy the Best Summer Beers at Diebolt Brewery in Denver

This list is just a sample of what Diebolt has to offer. We have a full selection of cans and on-tap beverages to suit any palate and occasion. When you’re looking to cool off and enjoy a great summer beer, stop by our brewery. You can relax with an ice cold can on our patio, or take a case home with you for your next cookout. Call or go online today to see our complete menu. 

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