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glass of japanese beer with neon hiranaga characters
Beer Lessons

Japanese Beer 101

In honor of this month’s Beer Drop, we’re doing a deep dive into the rich history and traditions of Japanese beer brewing. Allow us to

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A pint of brown ale on a wooden table

Brown Ale is Brown

Brown ales are fun. They are unpretentious and yet anything but basic: nutty, roasty, slightly sweet, and, well, brown. If you could toast one and

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woman holding a lager beer in one hand and an ale can of beer in the other
Beer Lessons

Ale vs Lager

These days, the sheer number of beer categories and subcategories and sub-sub categories can feel downright daunting. It might surprise you to know, then, that

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woman tasting beer that has gone bad
Beer Lessons

Can Beer Go Bad?

Most of us are probably under the impression that something that is sealed and contains alcohol is unlikely to expire. And while that is technically

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toasting with glasses of beer and food
Beer Lessons

Food and Beer 

How to Choose the Perfect Pairing (Part I) Beer is a versatile beverage, offering a wide range of flavors and styles. Just as wine pairs

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